NeoPIP T-Piece Resuscitator

Part Number: NF-100

Pressure-controlled manual breaths: The first breaths of life are crucial and in a stressful code situation it is easy to over pressurize the lungs with a bag. The NeoPIP Infant Resuscitator is intended for emergency manual resuscitation of infants less than 10kg using precise pressure control. The device is used in conjunction with a flow meter to control gas delivery rates and an optional blender for FiO2. When used with the breathing circuit, the device will provide positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP) support.

Key Features:

  • Smaller and lighter than products from leading competitors
  • Made from tough aluminum
  • Less expensive than built in solutions

Clinical Benefits:

  • To provide manual resuscitation using preset PIP and PEEP
  • To prevent unintentional delivery of high peak inflation pressures
  • To maintain adequate PEEP to keep lungs open between inspirations; to allow use of two hands to properly maintain an adequate airway seal
  • To provide users who do not frequently use a bag and mask with a precise way to deliver required pressures during resuscitation
  • Less fatiguing to use as it does not require the physical compression of a bag – only the covering of a delivery valve to initiate a breath.