Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches are characterized by recurring bouts of excruciating pain in one side of the head. Episodes of pain typically last from 15 minutes to three hours. The headaches can occur several times a day over several months of time before remission. However, the same pattern often recurs multiple times over a patient’s lifetime. Approximately 10 to 15 percent of patients have chronic cluster headaches with continuing pain with no remission. The pain of cluster headaches may be significantly greater than other conditions, such as severe migraine.

In order to combat this debilitating condition, an investigator-sponsored clinical trial is being conducted by to evaluate its proprietary nasal, non-inhaled carbon dioxide (nasal CO2) technology for the treatment of cluster headaches. The trial is designed to explore Capnia’s nasal CO2 technology in a clinical setting, and the company looks forward to the product’s future in potentially treating this rare and severely painful neurological condition.

For more information on this clinical trial please visit (NCT02381795).