The CoSense® ETCO Monitor uses Sensalyze Technology which automates non-invasive detection of analytes in exhaled breath. All the CoSense Monitor requires is a breath sample, collected with the CoSense Precision Sampling Set. In order to obtain the sample, a small, soft plastic prong connected to a length of tiny tubing is inserted about half a centimeter into one nostril. The CoSense Monitor collects the breath sample through the tube, selecting a breath sample as the patient breathes normally (typically in about 30 seconds). Once the CoSense Monitor obtains a breath sample, the Precision Sampling Set can be removed from the patient. The Monitor displays the results in about three to four minutes.

How it works.

Precision Sampling Set

Simplified Connection

  • Designed for easy setup
  • One-step assembly

Precision Sampling Set

Microfluidic Precision System
End-tidal purity preserved

Ergonomic Patient Interface

CoSense Monitor

Portable and non-invasive.

  • Test the newborn at the bedside without interruption of bonding.

Easy to use. 

  • Just three simple steps and no calibration required.

CoSense Monitor

Immediate results.

  • Non-invasively measures ETCO, which allows the physician to determine hemolytic status in less than five minutes.